Unsurpassed luxury awaits you at 124 on Queen Hotel and Spa.

Situated on the main street of Old Town in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, our exceptional Concierge Team is ready to assist you with every request. Enjoy a meal at our critically acclaimed restaurant, relax at our world class Spa and enjoy a wide range of amenities at 124.


The spa @ 124 is a tranquil, full service health and wellness spa.

Located in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, we offer a peaceful escape from the bustling town around you. Our mission is to provide our guests with uplifting services that envelop your senses, using some of nature’s finest ingredients.

Massage Therapist

Our Advanced Therapists greet you warmly, ready to accompany you on a sensory journey throughout your spa stay.

Many of our treatments highlight our range of delightfully aromatic products that will not only relax you, but help to nourish the skin and improve your state of wellbeing.

Spa Treatment

Other Services

Our professionally trained Advanced Spa Therapists greet you with a warm smile and take you on a sensory journey throughout your spa stay.

Many of our treatments feature aromatic products that relax, nourish, and reconnect mind, body, and spirit.

Products and Packages

We have sourced the best natural and organic skincare companies and are proud to feature Eminence and Spa Ritual.

Both of these environmentally aware companies are renowned for their holistic approach to skincare and known for their conscientious choice of ingredients.